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Allen-Bradley 1756-L72S Controller

Allen-Bradley 1756-L72S Controller

Whether you’re looking for an Allen-Bradley 1756-L72S controller or a programmable automation controller, you’ll find what you need from Santa Clara Systems. Their 1756-L73S processors feature an 8MB Standart Memory, 4MB of Safety Memory, 1 x Built-in USB port, and an Energy Storage Module. In addition, these units are certified for SIL3/PLe/Cat. 4 safety and environmental compliance.

ControlLogix 5570 Programmable Automation Controller

The ControlLogix 5570 Programmable Automation Controller is an environmentally friendly processor with a programmable memory of 8 MB. It supports up to 500 controller connections and includes a USB port and an on-board display. It has a removable energy storage module and is compatible with RSLogix 5000 programming software. It also supports SIL 3 and PLe safety rated applications. The 1756-L73S supports RSLogix 5000 programming software and offers separate network communication modules.

The ControlLogix 5570 Programmable Automation Controller from Allen-Bradley comes with a safety partner device, the GuardLogix 1756-L7SP module. This safety partner device communicates with the 1756-L73S controller and is designed to be mounted on a chassis.

Environmentally friendly processor

The Allen-Bradley 1756-L72S Environmentally friendly processor is a versatile controller for safety-rated applications. Its safety-rated features include SIL 3 and PLe compliance. It also features the 1756-ESMCAP, a removable energy storage module. In addition, this processor is compatible with partner controllers. It also supports Relay Ladder Logic for programming standard functions. Relay Ladder Logix is only supported when safety-rated tasks are involved.

This ControlLogix controller is designed to be installed on a chassis. It includes a variety of communication capabilities and is a part of the ControlLogix series. It also includes a GuardLogix safety partner device. This processor can communicate with an existing industrial control system using the Ethernet network.

Used surplus

The used surplus Allen-Bradley 1756 L73S controller is a popular used safety controller, which comes with a long warranty and is available in many models. The unit features an 8-meg user memory, four megabytes of safety memory, and 0.98 megabytes of I/O memory. It also has a power dissipation rating of 2.5 Watts and provides 30 Volts of isolation. It occupies 2 chassis slots and weighs less than a pound.

The used 1756-L73S controller module is part of the 1756 product line from Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation. It features safety features and is compatible with several communication networks. It also supports EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and different programming languages.


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