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The Contained Home Organizer at The Container Store

Christy Ross, a professional organizer who joined The Container Store in 2015, has developed a new service for customers: the Contained Home Organizer. This service extends beyond the retail store to meet with customers in their homes or offices to share her professional expertise. In the past, Christy Ross has worked as a professional organizer in her own home. This expanded service offers a variety of benefits for customers. Here are some of them.


Using containers for a contained home can be advantageous in many circumstances, including disaster relief, relocation, and building a second home. However, these homes are not always built on solid rock, which is problematic since it’s difficult to repair a container. Properly built foundations, on the other hand, create a solid platform for building and ensure the weight of the structure is evenly distributed. Proper foundations also prevent costly problems down the road.

One major drawback to shipping containers for homes is their limited size. Plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and furniture can quickly eat up space. The height of containers can also be a problem, especially if they are high-cube containers. Additionally, it’s essential to research local zoning regulations, as many locations have strict laws regarding the use of shipping containers for homes. Even if you have space, you may still not be able to find a building location that will allow you to build your home.

In-home organization service

An in-home organization service for contained homes is a good choice for families who have too much clutter or simply need help getting organized. Home organization services can be helpful for a variety of situations, from families with a newborn to teenagers who need to move out. These services offer various packages that range in price and scope, and they may be available in your area. Before hiring a service, consider the type of work you need done and whether you are willing to declutter as part of the process.

A good home organization service can help you organize one room or the entire house, depending on your needs. Professionals will help you sort and organize your things, and will determine what to keep and what to throw away. This service may be able to offer additional services, including help organizing garages and home offices. Prices may differ depending on the size and scope of the project, but most people say the price is well worth it for the help.

Professional organizers

If you are looking for a professional organizer, you may want to start by hiring one who works on a contract basis. The good news is that these organizers can be flexible with their schedule and can even be available on weekends. However, there are certain characteristics that you should keep in mind before hiring a professional organizer. The following are some of the most important qualities of a good professional organizer. They will be ready to help you get organized, and they will be willing to work around your hectic lifestyle.

The first thing you should consider when hiring a professional organizer is whether you need their assistance or not. A professional organizer can help you decide which items to keep and which to get rid of. They can also help you identify where to store or donate unwanted items. They will also help you determine how each space functions and can help you set them up easily and comfortably. Keep in mind that fear is one of the most common obstacles to getting organized, so it’s important to get through this first.

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