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Final Jeopardy For Today

The final Jeopardy for today episode features a special guest: Ed Coulson! After his previous episode, Coulson has been declared the new champion. However, his chances of making the Tournament of Champions are dwindling, as he will be competing against electrical engineer Alexa Jakob and physician Mark Stover. What can we expect from the guests? Read on to find out!

Ed Coulson

Jeopardy! returned for its tenth season on Tuesday, and a returning champion has managed to put together a mini-winning streak. This week, the show has paid out $40,200 to a winner in two days, but Ed Coulson, a real estate and economics professor from California, has come away with the largest payday of the series so far. After beating Alexa Jakob, a biology professor from Queens, New York, and a court monitor from Milford, Connecticut, he has already won the game’s biggest prize.

Ryan Long

If you’ve been watching the show on TV lately, you’ve probably noticed the contestant in the final Jeopardy for today, Ryan Long. The 30-year-old from Philadelphia was born in 1981 and grew up in a small suburb of Bensalem. His father passed away when he was just 13 years old. His mother moved him back to the city, but he couldn’t make ends meet. In January of 2021, he was hit by a car driven by Covid19. Although he was hospitalized, he recovered and completed college.

Rhone Talsma

On the final episode of “Jeopardy!” for today, a librarian named Rhone Talsma took home the first place prize. She beat Amy Schneider, who had an incredible forty-game winning streak, and earned $29,600 to her name. Talsma’s super rad glasses also have a real-life connection. She is a librarian at Chicago Ridge Public Library, a public library in the suburbs of Chicago.

Amy Schneider

The sex of the game show is a topic of discussion on Twitter, but the most interesting aspect of her victory is her social media presence. She has a thriving Twitter account, where she posts about her personal life and about being an icon for the LGBTQ community. She has also exchanged congratulatory messages with other past “Jeopardy!” contestants. Additionally, she has written threads that break down each game. Her most recent thread is one from Tuesday’s game. She apologized for being behind on her postings, but she also has a very active Twitter account, which she uses to discuss her win.

Mattea Roach

In the finale of “Jeopardy!” for today, Mattea Roach came out on top with the ninth-highest prize money in the show’s history. She’ll now compete in the “Tournament of Champions” against some of the greatest competitors in the game’s history. Currently based in Toronto, Roach also works as a tutor and is a graduate of the University of Toronto. While some American networks have picked up on her sexual orientation, she says the support has been great.


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