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How to Cable Manage Power Bricks

There are a lot of ways to cable manage power bricks. For example, you can use a wooden box, a rack mount, or a power strip. You can also mount the bricks with a screw. All you need is a few tools and a little patience.

Organizing wires with cable management

Cable management for power bricks and other power supplies can make them easier to find, keep in one place, and keep in a tidy place. Cables are essential to every business, so keeping them organized is important. The best way to do this is with cable management products.

A great cable management tool is a cable clip or sleeve. These are great for organizing wires because they can stick to a flat surface without damaging the surface. You can also opt for a cable box to store your bulky cables and ensure their safety and organization. These products also help you maintain a clean and minimalistic look for your workstation.

Another good option for organizing wires is to use a cable management tray. You can purchase one, or create your own by following a DIY guide. Cable trays can be made from toilet paper rolls. You can label the rolls with the type of cables you use and save a lot of time and space.

Using a power strip

If you are looking for a way to organize your power bricks, you may want to try using a power strip. This device has a centralized location where you can store and manage your cables. You can even use 3M Double-Sided Tape to attach it to a surface, such as a desk or entertainment center.

There are several types of power strips available on the market. The ones with six outlets swivel up to 160 degrees and come with hooks to keep your cords neat. However, if you have a desk with glass surfaces, you may not be able to hide your cables well.

Alternatively, you can use a shoebox with holes to manage your cables. These can also be fitted with multiple power outlets.

Using a wooden box

When it comes to managing your power bricks, a wooden box can make a very nice cable management solution. You can use it to store your bricks and can also use it as a media stand. If you don’t want to leave it open all the time, you can easily remove it and place it in a rack.

When choosing a cable management box, look for something that has enough ventilation so that the heat generated by the cables can be dissipated. Also, look for a box that has a lid that opens up from the top. This will keep it from becoming too hot, which is important for your cables.

You can also buy a cable box that is small enough to mount on a desk or wall. They are available for as low as $36 on Etsy. These boxes come with small buttons to hold the cords in place. These cable boxes also make a great way to hide adaptors, power bricks, and block chargers. Another useful accessory is a cable sleeve, which can keep your cords together from one device to another. A cable sleeve costs about $9 on Amazon.

Using a rack mount

If you’re looking for a simple way to cable manage power bricks, a rack mount can help. You can find rack mounts with multiple cutouts that are perfect for power bricks that have several plugs. You can also find wall-mount versions that have magnets to attach to a wall.

Cable management in rack units is easier and more convenient when the cables are organized. Not only does it improve the look of the rack, it makes it easier to install, access, and maintain each component. One versatile system consists of two 3-foot-long panels that can be arranged as needed. You can install one on each side, the front and back of the rack, or the entire height.

Before installing the rack, you need to attach the chassis ears. These pieces have two sets of holes, one at the end that’s attached to the interface processor and one on the other end. When attaching the chassis to a rack, be sure to install the studs in the right orientation so they’re pointed in the direction of the chassis.


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