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In Another World with my Smartphone Season 2

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2

If you haven’t watched “In Another World with My Smartphone” yet, you are in for a treat. This cute and colorful anime is currently airing on TV, and fans have been raving about it since it first premiered in 2017. Its popularity has increased rapidly since its release in 2017, and its season two is sure to be just as entertaining. This article will cover the best ways to get the most out of this series.

Isekai wa Smartphone

After being a web novel in 2013 and turning into a light novel series in 2015, Isekai wa Smartphone has found new life in anime form. Published by Hobby Japan, the manga series has eighteen volumes so far, and is still growing. The anime series began in July 2017 and lasted until September 2017. The series has yet to be renewed. However, fans still find the show to be enjoyable and recommend it.

The series follows the life of Touya Mochizuki, a high school student who accidentally kills God. After his death, he’s reborn in another world, where he acquires a magically enhanced smartphone. His adventure continues as he discovers different facets of his new world and encounters new characters. However, not everyone enjoys this new adventure as much as he does.

The first season aired on Japanese television in January, and while there is no official confirmation of the next season, there is enough hype around the manga to make it a popular series. The manga itself is already viewed over 100 million times, and the anime adaptation has been popular among millions of fans worldwide. It was the first manga to gain worldwide fame, and its second season may have even more fans. But, no one can be too sure.

Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 will most likely follow the same pacing as the previous seasons. The light novels are very long, so the anime might need more time to introduce the main quest and the enemy. It might have worked better to front-load the interesting plot elements and action sequences. Perhaps they could have also made a more gradual buildup of the harem over several seasons. As the series continues, the fans should expect a full season of 25 episodes.

Touya Mochizuki

In another world with my smartphone is a fantasy manga where a young boy named Touya is sent to a magical land after he creates a thunderstorm. In this new world, Touya has access to magic and is able to charge his phone through it. This new ability allows Touya to travel around the land, helping people, and developing a harem of beautiful ladies.

It was already successful when the first season of the anime was released. The anime is a parody of KonoSuba, and takes wish-fulfillment tropes to the extreme. The plot summary of the series explains that Touya inherits the power of an ancient civilization and travels around the world with powers that rival world kings. The character is overpowered to a point of being amusing, but the show does a poor job of that.

In Another World with My Smartphone is based on a light novel series by Touya Mochizuki. It follows a boy who dies accidentally and is reborn in a magical fantasy world. He is only allowed to keep one personal belonging from Earth. Despite the boy’s newfound powers, he is still determined to return all the information from the original world.

The second season of the popular anime “In Another World With My Smartphone” is in production. No official date has been given, but the show has gained popularity since its first season. The second season will be released five years after the first. Ashi Productions, which produces the series, has been around since 1975. The production company has made several other popular anime films, such as Horimiya and Jujutsu Kaisen.


The first episode of “KonoSuba in Another World with My Smartphone” concluded with a cliffhanger, and fans are wondering whether there will be a sequel. The first season featured the narrator Touya, who is the son of an ancient warrior, as the protagonist, and his harem, who fight Phrase. Hopefully, season two will deliver the same level of entertainment and magic.

The first season ended with a teaser ending, and the first season was a bit too focused on harem hijinks and overpowered isekai tropes. But the second season promises to pick up the pace, with robot mecha battles and an epic threat to the world as a whole. While it isn’t confirmed whether or not the series will have a second season, it is certain that there will be some awesome scenes and references in this anime.

Fans of the original series may be interested in the possibility of a second season, which will feature four new main characters. While this season will focus on the chosen one’s psychological trauma, the first season of KonoSuba focused on its more realistic take on the isekai formula. The second season will also focus on the edgy nonsense that made the original series so popular.

While the anime has only been on television since January 2016, a movie adaptation of the second season was released in Japan in August and the United States in November 2019. Both the series has been adapted into a tabletop RPG and a video game. There is also a plan for a sequel to the anime in the United States. The anime series is already being translated into several languages, including English.

Ashi Productions

While the first season ended with an empty ending, it will almost certainly return with a new season. The anime’s storyline will likely be similar to the first, with many of the same characters. “In Another World with My Smartphone” is a fantasy series that takes place in a magical world. The main character, Touya Mochizuki, is a 15-year-old who was killed by a god. He awakens in a new world with no memory of his past life, but he is still obsessed with his mobile phone. Touya uses his phone to get information about the world he was once in.

In Another World With My Smartphone has been steadily growing in popularity since its 2017 debut. Fans of the show should expect season two to continue the adventures of Touya Mochizuki and his friends. While no exact date has been set for the release of season two, fans can expect the anime to hit television screens in late 2023 or early 2024. A new season will be a welcomed addition to the series, and a lot can happen in the meantime.

The first season of “In Another World With My Smartphone” was released in 2017, but it has not yet been renewed. Anime production firms often wait until the series has reached a certain level of popularity before deciding to renew it. However, a second season may already be in the works, and if the demand for it is there, it will be aired in no time. The second season of “In Another World With My Smartphone” is currently being produced by Ashi Productions.

Patora Fuyuhara

An anime series based on the light novel series Patora Fuyuhara’s In Another World With My Smartphone is currently in production. There are no official release dates for season two of the series, but it is expected to debut sometime in 2019. The production company behind the series, Production Reed, is currently working on the second season of the show. Several of the main staff members will also be returning for the second season.

The anime adaptation of the light novel series In Another World With My Smartphone will feature the protagonist Patora Fuyuhara once again. The series debuted in July 2017 and ran for 12 episodes. The anime can be watched in Japanese with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and Funimation. In Another World With My Smartphone season 2 will feature Patora Fuyuhara’s original novel series as well as a new cast of characters.

In Another World With My Smartphone follows the story of an ordinary teenage boy reborn in a fantasy world. His smartphone is a magical item that can grant him amazing powers. His quest to bring this technology to the fantasy world of his dreams is a compelling one. The manga adaptation is not without its flaws, however. For instance, Touya’s smartphone is overpowered. This feature is the show’s major gimmick, but it isn’t utilized enough.

The anime’s official website has also announced the second season of the anime. The series’ second season will introduce nine new female robots. The robots will battle Touya’s human counterparts. The anime will also feature new character additions to the series, including Yumina Urnea Belfast, Linze Silhoueska, the younger sister of Elze, and Leen, the cousin of Yumina.


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