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Incite Student Portal

Four Reasons Why Your School Should Adopt
With the help of Incite, teachers can streamline their instruction and boost the instructive outcome. They
can give educators and instructors useful prerequisites to convey bits of instructional knowledge to their
understudies. The result is increased instructor viability and understudy accomplishment. Here are four
reasons why your school should adopt this student portal. Let’s explore them one by one. You may be
surprised by what you find! Here are a few of the benefits of Incite:

PBIS rewards
A PBIS rewards incite student portal provides schools with a comprehensive view of their PBIS efforts
and allows them to drill down into specific data, including referrals and problem behaviors. It also allows
teachers to access detailed reports to improve their practices. PBIS dashboards can also be used to share
data with other schools. The PBIS rewards incite student portal is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
The PBIS Rewards Student App lets students scan their ID badges, and displays the same information that
is displayed in the Student Portal. PBIS rewards are an evidence-based approach to reducing violence and
promoting positive behavior in schools. Positive behavior is a key component of PBIS, and it encourages
schools to implement positive behavior strategies instead of focusing on punishment. With a multi-tiered
evidence-based model, PBIS strives to improve academic outcomes for students of all abilities.
The PBIS rewards app allows teachers to recognize positive behaviors in students, award points, and
access administrative reports and goals. It also includes an integrated store management system and a
student portal. Teachers can also reward students for checking in on their own time, and even reward
students for participating in extracurricular activities. And while there’s no need to purchase an ID card to
track student behavior, the PBIS rewards app can be downloaded to virtually any browser.
Parents can easily keep track of their child’s progress through the PBIS rewards incite student portal. The
parent app also gives parents insight into what their child is doing in school and helps them to stay
connected with their children. The parent app also allows teachers to personalize the experience for
students. Teachers can also give out rewards to students in their classrooms. The PBIS rewards incite
student portal
Parent communication tools

Incite(r) provides powerful teacher-parent communication tools that empower teachers to personalize
instruction and provide real-time data-driven insights. Incite’s digital library contains more than 550,000
teacher-curated resources, and is accessible through a single sign-on platform or integrated curriculum
solution. The platform’s centralized parent communication tools connect parents with their children’s
teachers, and provide real-time student progress reports.
A student’s progress in each subject can be monitored and recorded in the parent portal. Parents can view
and submit assignments and track student progress through the parent portal. Incite can also automatically
assign digital resources based on the results of assessments. ‘All’ assignments can be filtered by the due
date and can be further broken down by status: Assigned, In Progress, Finished and Submitted, and
Overdue. Parents can also see any assignments that have been left unfinished or have expired.

Mobile access
Students at Incite are encouraged to use their mobile devices to access their school’s student portal. They
can search for classes, register for them, pay their tuition, drop/add classes, view final grades, and check

their financial aid status. The student portal also offers links to other online tools such as D2L. The
students can complete assignments and quizzes within the student portal. Students will receive a login and
password when they enroll.

Connectivity with educators
Incite Student Portal delivers actionable insights to educators to improve learning outcomes. Whether
teachers are working remotely or in the classroom, Incite Student Portal connects educators and students
with the right tools to improve performance.
With Incite’s proprietary analytics engine, educators can
analyze real-time actionable reports, assign student-specific content, and create personalized learning
plans. Parents can communicate with their child’s teacher with real-time progress reports. This lets parents
stay informed and engaged.
Developed for schools and universities, INCITE is scalable, PCI-compliant, and enables educators to
make data-driven decisions about how to improve their students’ learning. Its flagship student portal,
Incite(r), allows teachers and students to access content on demand and communicate with parents.
Parents can support student learning through real-time progress reports, and the parent-teacher
relationship is enhanced with communication tools. Ultimately, the system improves student outcomes.


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