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Lost Cities Game Review

Lost Cities is an award-winning strategy game that is based on the books by Reiner Knizia. It features a cooperative two-player environment in which players must discover the lost cities of the world. The game is designed to be easy to learn and enables multiple players to play at the same time. There are several modes, including ‘hot-seat’ and ‘pass-n-play’ modes. In addition to this, it supports asynchronous play and gamepad switching.

Some of the most important discoveries in the history of the world are those of ancient civilizations. For instance, the Aztecs believed that they had uncovered the lost city of Cibola, but a real one was the Mesa Verde, a site that was discovered in 1888 by two cowboy brothers. The Mesa Verde culture had lived in the area for seven centuries before it was abandoned by the indigenous Pueblo people. Today, the area is a protected national park.

A special graveyard in the Lost Cities is called the Wanderling Woods. These woods are filled with special trees called Wanderlings that were planted with the DNA of the deceased. These trees grow and acquire the physical characteristics of the deceased person, so that they are not just trees but living memorials for the dead. In addition, each Wanderling is labelled with a sign, informing people that it is a tribute to their life. Unfortunately, three Wanderlings were planted prematurely. Interestingly, Sophie Foster’s Wanderling was smaller than the others.


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