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Identity 20XY’s Upcoming NFT Collections

One of the most anticipated releases of 2018 is Identity 20XY’s Upcoming NFT Collections. Featuring unique elements, the project is already generating buzz. You can get a first look at these bands by checking out our previous reviews. Then, you can read more about the other bands that are slated to release albums soon. Keep reading to find out which one you want to check out. Here are some of the most notable releases of 2018 so far.

Identity 20XY

If you have an interest in the next upcoming collection of NFTs, look no further than Identity 20XY. This blockchain-connected augmented reality project will allow you to conceal your identity when using video calling applications. The goal of Identity 20XY is to build technology that can be used in everyday life as well as in the metaverse. It is a unique way to express your personality and express yourself to the world.

Souls of Nature

Taking a closer look at the upcoming collections is always exciting. The upcoming Forces of Nature NFT collection by Nick Percival combines three unique art pieces. These NFTs depict the full force of an ecosystem’s twisted nature. It is an excellent way to get a sneak peek of the upcoming Souls of Nature game. The collection will also have a gamified release, allowing fans to win free NFTs and participate in a community competition.


When Gremplin re-emerged in early 2021, he was scurrying through damp pipes and dark vents, searching for a new home. The metaverse was chaotic, and he began drawing rotating residents of his former home. In an attempt to pass the time, Gremplin began developing a new method of building. He built spinning boxes to aid in his pursuit of this new land.


For a time, it seemed as if Bitcoin and the crypto market were doomed. But since then, it has become a popular investment option. And the price of CryptoPunks has dropped dramatically, with its floor price falling nearly 50% by mid-May. The cryptocurrencies have also seen big losses from their late-year highs. The new pendants from Tiffany’s will be custom-made to mimic the owner’s avatar.

Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club

Those looking to get into crypto trading can look at Lucky Block’s new collection of coins, the Platinum Rollers Club. The coins are limited edition collectibles that contain 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The average payout of these tokens is 10,000 USD, but you can double your investment by purchasing the Rare Edition NFT. Listed below are a few of the benefits of owning a Platinum Rollers Club collection.

Mighty Hercules

The upcoming Mighty Hercules collection is an innovative, non-fungible token (NFT) collection based on Ethereum’s blockchain. This unique NFT series features 50 mythological masterpieces and 10,000 NFTs each with over 250 unique traits. The artwork in the collection was created by world-renowned sculptor Emre Yousuf and award-winning design studio StudioBigger. The artwork is both digital and physical, testing the boundaries between the two.



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