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Ways to Use Your Stadia Controller Wirelessly

Ways to Use Your Stadia Controller Wirelessly

If you’re looking to use your Stadia controller wirelessly, you’ve come to the right place. Thankfully, there are now a few ways to do so. These devices will work with Stadia, but there are some problems with them. For one, games don’t actually download to them.

Stadia controller hiccups

While Stadia is a new gaming platform, it has already encountered some hiccups in its launch. While the service itself seems promising, it has some major shortcomings. For one, there are no data caps. And, since Stadia is still in beta, it will be undergoing updates and fixes for a while. Though the concept is great, it does need some fine-tuning before it can become a viable gaming option for most people.

One of the biggest problems is that the Stadia controller doesn’t work wirelessly. If this were possible, users would be able to use the controller on PCs and consoles without any trouble. As a result, many Stadia owners are calling on Google to release the firmware so that the Stadia controller can be used on both PCs and consoles. But, the company is unlikely to release the source code anytime soon. In the meantime, one software engineer, Parth Shah, has created a workaround that lets Stadia controller users use the controller over Wi-Fi.

Stadia controller can be used wirelessly

You can use your Stadia controller to play non-Stadia games on PC by using a USB-C cable. However, this type of connection will not work with all games. You may have to download a different application to play those games. Also, you will need a Google account and a wireless connection to use the Stadia controller.

The Stadia controller can be used wirelessly by connecting to an Android device with Wi-Fi. It is compatible with PCs and Android devices. However, the controller does not work on Playstation or Xbox consoles. However, one Github project aims to fix this issue by making the Stadia controller work on Windows. The hack is made by Parth Shah and is available for download on Github.

Stadia games don’t download to any of these devices

Stadia is a service that lets you play games online in real time, using a remote Stadia server. Video is sent one way to connected devices over the internet, and control codes are sent in the other direction. The major challenge for Stadia is latency, or the time between a controller movement and a screen action.

The performance of Stadia is generally better than the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, especially in shaded areas. The Xbox Cloud Gaming service has very poor shadows, which are distracting in both motion and still images.

Stadia lacks online community

Despite the hype, Stadia has struggled to build an online community. For one, Google doesn’t invest in making its own games. Secondly, the service is not well-known for having exclusive first-party games. While these problems aren’t exclusive to Stadia, they are a problem with the service.

While Stadia has a lower up-front cost and is available everywhere, its launch was met with lackluster press. Many critics felt that the service would never compete with the likes of Microsoft and Sony. Moreover, the launch of Stadia was premature, since Google hadn’t formally announced plans to make it a core gaming platform.


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